Photo:The Gazette of 16th August 2003 announces plans for John Lewis Trafford

The Gazette of 16th August 2003 announces plans for John Lewis Trafford

By Jonathan Blatchford

The Partnership pounce on Manchester

The proposal for a John Lewis Trafford was confirmed in the Gazette of 16th August 2003. The branch would habituate the current Trafford Shopping Centre, located just 5 miles to the West of Manchester city centre. With over 4.2 million customers within a 45 minute drive, the shopping centre was ranked fourth in the UK’s league of out-of-town centres. With this in mind, it was the perfect place for the Partnership to stamp its considerable authority. This was the first time that the Partnership would enter a pre-existing shopping centre. If the plan worked, then this could well enable new projects and locations to become available.

A new scheme

Despite the proximity to Cheadle, (just 8 miles!), Trafford would have its own catchment area and would actually benefit from a neighbouring branch so close by. In fact, a unique partnership between Cheadle and Trafford was to be forged. The scheme would involve Trafford and Cheadle sharing a service centre and a call centre, allowing more space in Trafford to be devoted to selling. Shared management would also be a feature unique between the two stores.

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