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Photo:Mr Arthur Trewin c 1914

Mr Arthur Trewin c 1914

JLP Archive Collection

Mr Arthur Trewin

By Judy Faraday

This image was sent to the archives after a clear out at the shop in 1982.  We believe it to be one of the two men who founded Trewin Brothers - Mr Arthur Trewin - and was probably taken around 1914.

We are endebted to Mr John Trewin who has corrected our initial thought that it was an image of Henry Trewin from a later date. (see comments below)

This page was added by Judy Faraday on 21/08/2007.
Comments about this page

I question if the above photo is of Henry Trewin because if you compare the pictures shown when Mrs Baltazar met Mr Van der Plant in 1993 they are of a different person.  Could your picture be a much earlier one or could it possibly be of Arthur Trewin ?

By john trewin
On 07/05/2008

I can confirm that the picture is of Arthur Trewin and not Henry.  I obtained a copy of a picture of Arthur, from the Watford Illustrated, as a church warden, dated 1914 and would think that the picture you have is from around the same date.

By john trewn
On 04/09/2008

I agree with you John.  Will try to get photographs of both of them on the site.

By Jo Spence
On 07/03/2009