Exterior of Findlater, Mackie, Todd

Lower High Street prior to the 2nd World War

By Judy Faraday.

Photo:Findlater, Mackie, Todd & Co.

Findlater, Mackie, Todd & Co.

JLP Archive Collection

Findlater, Mackie, Todd were a well known and highly respected chain of wine merchants with branches across the country.

They were founded in 1823 when a Scotsman, Alexander Findlater, went to Dublin to seek his fortune.  He entered the wine trade and did very well.  By 1860 he and his partners established a London base.  In the 1960s Findlater, Mackie, Todd & Co had almost 50 shops in London and southern England as well as a fine cellar in Merton Abbey in south-west London.  The business was acquired by the Partnership in 1993 and was combined with the Waitrose Direct wine mail order business.

Findlater's branch in Watford opened before the First World War operating out of several locations including 58, 66 and further up the High Street at no 71.

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