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Photo:Trewins exterior 1926

Trewins exterior 1926

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The 1930s were a heyday for the shop.  Gordon Selfridge encouraged celebrity visits, provided a Santa's Grotto each Christmas and generally made it a great place to shop.

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In the Trewins Chronicle in December 1967 the Despatch Manager, Mr F Masters recalled the Christmas grotto before the Second World War.

He remembered arriving in Watford High Street in traditional robes and being driven to the shop with his reindeer and bells, arriving in the early afternoon for the Grand Opening of the Bazaar and the Enchanted Grotto with its Caves. This occupied the whole of the basement floor and included a beautiful rockery, with flowers and ferns, clever lighting and the artificial caves which could be explored for sixpence. The Saturday afternoon crowds were so terrific he remembers that a policeman used to stand at the top of the stairs to keep order!

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The crowd in this photo is reading a news bulletin posted in Trewins window during the 1926 General Strike.

By Jo Spence
On 04/09/2007