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By Jo Spence

Photo:Trewins in Queens Road Watford-note large globe lamps-c1905

Trewins in Queens Road Watford-note large globe lamps-c1905

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Arthur Trewin was keen to advertise the shop to the local inhabitants.  He advertised in the local press not long after opening and again in 1902, by which time his brother Henry had joined him at the shop.

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Another issue of the Watford Observer carried an advert which shows how the shop was opening new departments as well as expanding their existing assortment of goods.

"Trewin Brothers invite attention to their new art needlework department. A choice and entirely new collection of really artistic designs for borders, chairbacks, cosies, cushions, table centres etc. Instruction given by an experienced young lady."
Watford Observer, 15.3.1913

By Judy Faraday
On 14/08/2007

Trewins was one of the first department stores in Watford. When Arthur Trewin's brother Henry joined him in 1901 one of the first things they did was to install electric lighting. They were the first shop in the town to have this.

By Maureen BONE
On 14/08/2007

In the background you can see the Wesleywan Church, where Arthur Trewin took an active interest.  He was also well respected throughout the town.

By Maureen BONE
On 07/09/2007

Trewins installed electricity before the town even had it!

By Jo Spence
On 22/04/2008