Tommy Tortoise - the real thing.

At least 74 years old, and still trying to escape!

By Kathryn Hill.

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I stumbled across the Tommy Tortoise Club page on your website, and read with interest the contribution from Ronnie Eykelbosch, but felt that I could go one step further. I own an original Tommy Tortoise... bought by my late father in 1937 from Trewins in Queens Road, Watford. My father had told me he was 6 when he bought Tommy and recalled choosing 'the fastest tortoise on display' and had to stand on tiptoe to hand over the 4d at the till.
I think he was an excellent investment and a sure sign of quality and longevity that John Lewis would be proud of today!
When my father first brought him home he was always trying to escape, so a small hole was drilled in his shell so that he could only walk round in ever decreasing circles, eventually when the hole wore out another was drilled on the other side.
He is still trying to escape, earlier this year he was found trying to cross the Amersham bypass and was discovered by a young lady who reported him to the local Vet., so we were able to be reunited.

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