Photo:Dress fabrics stock-taking (on a Monday) c1980.

Dress fabrics stock-taking (on a Monday) c1980.

From the private collection of Anthony Gray

Counting the cost

By Jo Spence

Twice a year  departments are required to have a stock-take.  This shows not only how many goods the company is holding and where but also their financial cost. These counts used to happen on a Monday when the shop was shut until the trading hours changed.  Now counting takes place before and after work on any day of the week.

This photo shows the dress fabrics team at work.  Bear in mind that each metre has to be measured!

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I have been looking at this photo and remembering the stocktaking in the warehouse.

We started stocktaking with the paperwork in the despatch office, listing every bill and stock card held in the office prior to delivery.  On the Friday before we stayed late to start listing the goods held in the racking. Everybody was expected to stay including the delivery drivers. Tea and sandwiches were laid on for us. As it was January the warehouse was very cold and it was dark outside. We usually left at seven in the evening and returned next day to complete our tasks.

I recall it was always good fun even though we realised how important it was to get everything correct.

By Maureen BONE
On 04/09/2007